Photo Retouch Service
Photo Retouch

This was a small project I did years ago. It was a website to show the samples of a Photo editing studio.

Some key points and requirements of this project were as follows

  • Photo studio website.
  • Non-responsive design.
  • Image slideshow.

Akshay thanks for your friendly service and support on building web. Just a little review about Akshay's service. This is my opinion:

Akshay is very friendly, supportive service provider. When many other providers try to stick you some fast project and run away, Akshay was very patient and listened to all my needs.

I do not know what is the top website Akshay can provide, as i needed not too difficult website, but you can simply ask, discuss and trust him, as I'm sure this is the guy you can trust (and this is the most important imho)

I will refer myself to Akshay again when need something.

- Aus (Photo Retouch Service)