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A Custom ROM based on Android Gingerbread 2.3.x for HTC Explorer (Pico)



NExtGen 1.6, a ROM for the HTC Pico (Explorer)

ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread

ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x

Version Information

Status: No Longer Updated

Current Stable Version: 1.6

Stable Release Date: 2013-06-15

About the ROM:

ROM Details:

  • Aroma based Installation, offering you choices of boot animations, applications, custom enhancements and widgets... Now you can select what applications and widgets you want..
  • Based on HTC PICO EUROPE 1.28.401.1 stock ROM. Builds prior to version 1.5 were based Indian stock ROM !
  • Newbie friendly, everything is pre-configured and works !
  • Rooted and powered by SuperSU.
  • Unsecured boot.img.
  • Newest busybox (v 1.20.2)
  • Introducing my own kernel !
  • Fully De-odexed.
  • Mounts2sd enabled (everything is preconfigured, no need to move dalvik, cache etc. , no need for any app or GUI ).
  • init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support.
  • Bash Shell support (command shell).
  • All apps Zip-aligned (Improved RAM management).
  • sysro/sysrw commands support (easily make system partition writable).
  • Disabled scrolling cache.
  • Advanced Power Menu.
  • CRT Animation. (Optional)
  • Extended Quick Settings.
  • Ads blocked throughout the system. (Optional)
  • Removed recent apps bar. (Optional)
  • Implemented swipe to remove single notification.
  • Enabled forced GPU rendering for 2D operations. (Smooth overall user experience).
  • Application choices during installation - ES File Manager, Disk Usage, Terminal Emulator, Dropbox and Google Authenticator.
  • Latest versions of Google apps.
  • Bloat-ware applications removed along with some HTC logging apps and other crap (No widgets were removed).
  • Full system wide support for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish.... also NExtGen displays other languages correctly including mainly - Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese simplified, Czech, Danish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
  • Support for reading and writing Devanagari added through patch. Check this post for more info.

Other Tweaks:

  • SD Card speed tweak
  • Custom theme with boot animation
  • Tweaked init.rc to properly execute init.d scripts.
  • Added custom script for better battery performance and Internet speed tweaks.
  • As part of removing bloat, by default I have removed these - AppSharing.apk, CheckinProvider.apk, DFPI.apk, FlashLitePlugin.apk, GSD.apk, HtcCOTAClient.apk, HtcFeedback.apk, HtcRecommends.apk, HtcRecommendsWidget.apk, HtcResetNotify.apk, MyReportAgent.apk, QXDM2SD.apk, SDCardWizard.apk, Smith.apk, UpgradeSetup.apk

build.prop Tweaks:

  • Better scrolling responsiveness
  • Increased WiFi scan interval (saves battery)
  • Disabled USB debugging notification icon on status bar
  • Disabled black screen issue after a call


Current Version: 1.6
Android File Host

MD5: 6778081a4144113181bbb1df09d582d0

Always check MD5 checksum after you finish downloading for verifying data integrity.


This script will erase and format your /data, /system, /cache and /sd-ext (in ext2) partitions and also traces of OS from sdcard.

A log will be created at /sdcard/superwipe.log. Your SD card will remain untouched.

Android File Host

MD5: 3f312ef3e582252fb6bef2936bda42cd


v 1.6

  • Removed Teal green theme. Blue theme is now default theme.
  • Removed Solid Explorer, DSP Manager and extra kernels.
  • Added more options while installing. You can choose if you want CRT animation and ad blocking or not.
  • Replaced GTalk with Hangouts, updated all apps to latest version.
  • Added Google authenticator and Dropbox to app choices.
  • New: Boot animation.
  • Removed branding from lock-ring. Now using default lock-ring.
  • All Google apps are now installed in /data/app-system. Hence freeing up lots of space on /system.
  • Removed Superuser and added SuperSU.
  • Lots of minor changes related to theme.

v 1.5

  • Aroma based Installation, offering you choices of kernels, boot animations, themes, apps and widgets... First ROM to offer you a customized installation. Now you can select what apps and widgets you want..
  • Changed base to HTC PICO EUROPE 1.28.401.1. Now full system wide support for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish.
  • Introducing akya's own kernel - akya@quady_build-1.
  • Applied all previous changes.. Updated pre installed apps and host files.
  • Enabled forced GPU rendering for 2D operations. (Smooth overall user experience).
  • Added DSP Manager.
  • Switched to default boot sound.
  • Added Wifi Hotspot and all settings toggles in quick settings.
  • New blue theme included and can be selected in custom installation.

v 1.4

  • Implemented new version of Ateeq's kernel ( ateeq-ahmed@ateeq-PC #2 Mon Sep 24 21:17:10 IST 2012)
  • Custom boot sound (At boot, a nice lady welcomes you to NExtGen).
  • Added Auto brightness toggle. (on user demand).
  • Added a few custom tweaks for better battery performance.
  • Changed a few images.
  • Revamped settings menu to match with NExtGen theme.
  • New Icons on power menu.
  • Added separate download of SystemUI.apk for users who want recent apps bar.
  • Updated Google maps and Youtube.

v 1.3

  • Implemented swipe to remove single notification.
  • Changed a few icons to match with the theme.
  • Lock-ring now glows a bit more when shortcuts are dragged into it.
  • Changed status bar footer.
  • Updated hosts file, Solid Explorer, Disk Usage and Terminal Emulator.
  • Completely redesigned stock calculator's appearance.
  • Changed default wallpaper.

v 1.2

  • All app data (/data/data) has been moved to internal memory. Resulting in huge increase in performance. No more lags while opening apps or importing contacts, data for ex. Now by default all apps and dalvik cache is moved on sd card but app data remains on internal.
  • Removed recent apps bar
  • Added more toggles to quick settings tab
  • Updated Google apps
  • Added Terminal Emulator
  • Updated hosts file
  • NExtGen now displays languages correctly including mainly - Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese simplified, Czech, Danish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
  • Zip-aligning of user apps at boot
  • Many small theme changes. Every system app has been themed.

v 1.0.1

  • Fixed loudspeaker problem (Loudspeaker was not turning off once switched on.)
  • Changed system fonts (No overflowing of text as seen previously in alarm.)
  • Changed a few images. (No grey background in tabs and image changes in Rosie.)
  • Removed WiFi tether and added WiFi Hotspot. (If you are upgrading, you may remove WiFi tether if you want to. It is not done automatically since user apps aren't touched during upgrade.)

Installation Instructions:

You need:

  1. Yannou's CWM recovery. (For downloading and installation instruction please visit here
  2. Partitioned SD card (Done with recovery) To know how to format SD card through recovery, please see this post

That's it !


Please follow these instructions exactly and I guarantee you won't face any problems at all.

  1. Backup all your user apps using Titanium Backup. Also backup your SD Card.
  2. Download ROM and super_wipe zip and place them on your SD Card
  3. A full wipe is needed before installing this ROM. Follow the steps below.
  4. Boot into recovery by reinserting the battery and holding down volume down and then power buttons together.
  5. Select install zip from SD card >> choose zip from sdcard and select
  6. Everything will be wiped automatically. Please note your SD card fat32 partition won't be touched. After the script finishes it will boot you back into recovery
  7. Now select the ROM's zip and flash. After installation finishes, reboot.
  8. When system boots for the first time, give it time to settle and then reboot.
  9. Now you can restore your apps back with titanium backup.


Upgrading from previous version of NExtGEN is very easy.

  1. Place the new ROM zip on your sd card.
  2. Flash the new version. That's it ! (Since v1.5, dalvik cache is wiped automatically before installation.)

Please note that all your previous apps and their data will remain as it is. Also the first boot will take longer if you have 100s of apps installed. So be patient.


Default kernel details:

Huge thanks to everyone who used this ROM... I have served about 14000+ downloads.. Cheers ! - Akshay Ghate.